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In the end, everyone is a human being.

Everyone has feelings. Emotions.

Everyone feels happiness. Everyone feels pain.

Joy. Sorrow. It's part of everyone's life.

Even the strongest person feels weak sometimes.

And there's a lion hidden somewhere even in the weakest one.

It's not like you're a human being and the other person's a robot.

Just because someone has a great deal of patience doesn't mean they would never want to chuck things at you.

Just because you have never seen someone hurt does not mean that they don't feel it.

It's there in everyone.

Everyone wishes to have that person who can see the pain in their eyes while everyone sees the smile on their lips.

Everyone wishes to have that person who understands them through and through.

Everyone wishes for love and support. For that one person who accepts them at their worst. Who understands why they are at their worst in the first place.

I am also part of this grand milieu.

I am someone. I am part of everyone.

I have a body, a soul. Feelings. Emotions.

I am strong. I am weak. I am more than what people know.

I am me.