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Breakfast at Voldy’s

Posted in Silly Tales with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 26, 2011 by mmeeviloverlord

Today's breakfast was a fiasco. Fiasco at 10 a.m. My mom is visiting my grandmom for a day. So, while I'd had lunch outside yesterday and dinner was already made, breakfast was the one thing I had to contend with. Now, breakfast – easy-peasy, eh? What could be simpler than bread and butter, maybe a glass of milk – all that you need, isn't it?


Enter Dad.

My dad and (paternal) grandmom had already had breakfast by the time I woke up, so it was just me who was left. Options – bread, butter, nutella, eggs. I could've just toasted a couple of slices of bread and had them with nutella. But my dad had an idea.

Enter Chips 'n Eggs.

Now, Chips 'n Eggs was something my dad had at his cousin's place when he was staying over. It was supposedly really good and different. He immediately calls up my aunt (whose birthday is today btw), and the conversation proceeds something like this:

Dad: "Hey! Happy birthday! Listen, how did you make that recipe…………."

For the first time, I felt like I was in '8 Simple Rules'.

So, after wishing her happy birthday personally and thanking her for what would be my breakfast in 10 minutes, I proceeded to keep aside all the ingredients I'd need.


Here's the recipe:

2 eggs


Chips (I used salted)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Personalize it your taste by adding your favourite condiments. I wanted to use oregano and cheese. Yes, wanted. Yes, couldn't.

It's simple to make. Put a dab of butter on the pan. Layer the chips without crumbling them. Break the eggs on the chips and spread the albumin, which will bind the chips to the base. If you want a sunny-side up, don't flip. Spread oregano and grated cheese. Finally add salt and pepper. Easy, isn't it?

That's where the fiasco began.

I put the butter on the pan. Next step – I crumbled the chips. While I was about to crack the eggs, dad enters the kitchen and finds crumbled chips on the pan. He tells me, a good 5 minutes after explaining the whole recipe to me, that I was not supposed to crumble the chips but layer them whole. Now, I'd already crumbled a sizeable amount. We had a small tiff, after which I put whole chips also on the pan. Now I had a mini-mountain of salted potato chips roasting in butter. I didn't really mind – I like chips. Next step – the eggs. I cracked the first one pretty well. Yeehah! The second one went awry and part of the albumin looked like a waterfall tumbling off the side of the pan, into the inner sanctum of hell. I hate cleaning up egg. Anyhow, it fell on another pan which I set aside for cleaning. When I came back, my dad was standing in front of the pan with a knife in his hand, and my fried eggs looked as if something had died!

Caught red-handed with the murder weapon, mister!

10 seconds ago it looked beautiful. Now, it looked a horrible mess of white and orange. After getting into my 'Not At All Nice Mode' and asking my dad to leave my breakfast alone, I realized I had to do damage control. Alas! I was too late. My eggs looked… well… dead! Again, the feeling of being in '8 Simple Rules' came over me.

I just put salt and pepper and flipped it over. Warmed a couple of bread slices and spread nutella. Something told me that if I put oregano on my whatever-it-was-now, I could say 'Happy Republic Day!', but it was too late. The oregano and cheese was put away for next time.


How did the eggs taste?

Rubbery. I think I cooked it slightly longer than I should have. Plus oregano and cheese would've made it amazing, but that's for next time, with my mom in charge of the kitchen.


How was the bread?

I loved it! I love you, nutella!


How is the kitchen now?

It will survive.


Next on list: Eggless pancakes! ^_^