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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Posted in Sorry Tales with tags , , , on October 17, 2010 by mmeeviloverlord

I had a haircut yesterday. Now, I love getting my hair cut. It's a weird thing, but it makes me happy. It doesn't matter that a lot of things make me happy. But yesterday's haircut was a big decision for it would mean that I would be getting rid of the best hairstyle I've ever had in my entire life. Still, I went ahead with it. Now, my usual salon is good – I've been getting my hair cut from there since I shifted to my current place. But I don't think I had anticipated someone to be less of a hairdresser and more of a salesperson to be cutting my hair.

Now, I've never had my hair cut without getting scolded by the hairdresser – whether it's for the fact that I had stopped conditioning my hair for a few months or that I wouldn't touch hair oil with a barge pole. But this particular female just kept on going about how horribly damaged my hair was. In fat it was so badly damaged that only one shampoo would work on it. Absolutely *no other* shampoo would work on it. Every other shampoo was floor cleaner. I *had* to buy that shampoo, I absolutely did.

She messed with the wrong person.

Now, I'm not one who gives in to pushiness. It didn't take me long to understand that what she was giving me was a sales pitch. My hair has been in much worse condition before (and when I say much worse, I mean it), but I've always gotten recommendations, never a sales pitch. I asked her thrice whether she could recommend me any other producy since the one she was telling me to buy is only available with professional salons, but as I said earlier, absolutely *no other* shampoo would work on it. The big kahuna moment came when my mom asked her how much would the product cost. And what I should do just in case it's not available. Her pushiness doubled at that moment. She was intent on making me sign up for a lifetime membership of that shampoo.

As I said, she messed with the wrong person. Had she just recommended me that product, I would've been open to trying it out. But the fact that

1) She gave me a hairstyle that makes me look like a plucked chicken.

2) After telling me how horribly damaged my hair was, it was blow-dried at high heat. If my hair really was so badly damaged, then why the f*** was the hair dryer set to high?? Aren't you going to ruin my hair even more by that?!

3) The overall pushiness made for the second worst experience I've ever had, with the worst being the time I'd grown my hair and gone ahead just for a trim and came back with my hair seven inches shorter. Seven!

I don't think I'm going to go back there again. Or if I do, I'm going to get my hair cut from the guy who's cut my hair earlier and not from that female at all.

My hair!! :( :( :(