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The Cake That Was

Posted in Food and Drink with tags , on October 2, 2010 by mmeeviloverlord

Guess what I did?

I guess the title kind of gives it away :D

I baked a cake! A beautiful, soft vanilla-chocolate spong cake that was not exactly spongy but still amazing enough for a first cake. I'm not counting the 'Baking Disaster' cake because that had gotten ruined even before it had baked properly for the simple reason that I had not bothered finding out whether microwave-plastic utensils could be used in convection mode or not. Bah.

Anyway. This one turned out funny-looking and it certainly wouldn't have won a prize in a baking competition, but the taste was y-u-m! And the best thing was seeing my mom gorge on it. She doesn't really like sweets, but she loved the cake. And I'll be baking another one tomorrow.

Put your hands up for the newest baker on the block! Yarr!!


A Baking Disaster

Posted in Food and Drink with tags , , on September 30, 2010 by mmeeviloverlord

Sep 30, 2010: I tried baking today. Now, I don’t cook on a normal basis, or at all to be frank. The max that I make are Maggi noodles and the occasional rock-hard cookies (which have turned up as evidence in murder cases). But thanks to Masterchef Australia and the absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g dishes everyone puts up, I decided to find the (extremely well) hidden cook inside me. And then I had this excellent vanilla and chocolate sponge cake that had me going yum! and I decided to make it my way.

I’m a disaster at baking.

The funny thing is that I didn’t even finish baking the cake fully. Everything was going well. Vanilla layer – done. Chocolate layer – done. Batter beautifully poured into the dish. Put into the microwave. Woohoo! But I judged one thing wrongly. The dish I used for baking the cake – I’d used that before for baking. Twice! But this third time, while I’m making everything from scratch, the dish decides to melt. I checked on the cake at about the 8 minute mark and thedish had melted from the sides!! It was a classic WTF moment..

Now, I’m going to bake the same thing again. Tomorrow. In a different dish. But I feel so sad. Why, O Cruel World, Why? :P