Top Five Reasons Why Voldemort Kicks A$$

I think Voldemort is the ultimate Evil Guy. Even though he died just because his wand backfired on him (WTF!), I’m willing to forgive him for that. So, here are my top five reasons why Voldemort kicks ass:

1) He can fly. Yes, he can fly. Or rather, Yes, he can! (Sorry Obama..) The sheer awesomeness of finding out in the last book that OMFGHarry!Voldemortcanfly!! is just far too unbelieveable, astounding, like a sledgehammer to your head and then some! And don’t say it’s a piddly reason for giving someone the title of The Ultimate Evil Overlord. You know how badly you wish you could fly.

2) He started young. While Hitler was playing dress-up and Darth Vader was discovering the world of Barbie, Voldemort had already started hanging rabbits and scaring children to death in caves.

3) He made seven horcruxes. Seven! Have the other Evil Overlords made even a single one? Bet they don’t even know what a horcrux is.

4) He hates Harry and Dumbledore, whom the world loves. It takes evilness and guts to hate people the world loves. Or maybe that’s just my analogy, but then this blog is also mine.

5) The Harry Potter series would have been nothing without him. Stories have been written about children in British boarding schools (R.I.P. Enid Blyton). Stories have been written about children outside British boarding schools. But combine British boarding schools  with Voldemort, and you get a truly heady book that’s completely different and refreshing from the perfect Blytonian world a lot of us grew up in.


2 Responses to “Top Five Reasons Why Voldemort Kicks A$$”

  1. I dont know why you on with Lucifer!!!

  2. I’m talking about Voldemort, not Lucifer. Voldy happens to be my favourite supervillain.

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