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Top Five Reasons Why Voldemort Kicks A$$

Posted in Uncategorized on November 26, 2010 by mmeeviloverlord

I think Voldemort is the ultimate Evil Guy. Even though he died just because his wand backfired on him (WTF!), I’m willing to forgive him for that. So, here are my top five reasons why Voldemort kicks ass:


1) He can fly. Yes, he can fly. Or rather, Yes, he can! (Sorry Obama..) The sheer awesomeness of finding out in the last book that OMFGHarry!Voldemortcanfly!! is just far too unbelieveable, astounding, like a sledgehammer to your head and then some! And don’t say it’s a piddly reason for giving someone the title of The Ultimate Evil Overlord. You know how badly you wish you could fly.

2) He started young. While Hitler was playing dress-up and Darth Vader was discovering the world of Barbie, Voldemort had already started hanging rabbits and scaring children to death in caves.

3) He made seven horcruxes. Seven! Have the other Evil Overlords made even a single one? Bet they don’t even know what a horcrux is.

4) He hates Harry and Dumbledore, whom the world loves. It takes evilness and guts to hate people the world loves. Or maybe that’s just my analogy, but then this blog is also mine.

5) The Harry Potter series would have been nothing without him. Stories have been written about children in British boarding schools (R.I.P. Enid Blyton). Stories have been written about children outside British boarding schools. But combine British boarding schools  with Voldemort, and you get a truly heady book that’s completely different and refreshing from the perfect Blytonian world a lot of us grew up in.


Top Five Reasons Why I Dislike TypePad

Posted in Uncategorized on November 26, 2010 by mmeeviloverlord

I don’t like TypePad. I’ve been here for a couple of months now and my TypePad phases have been like:

Happy -> Curious -> Confused -> Irritated -> Seriously Annoyed

I was happy because I was able to export my entire Vox blog. Now I wish Vox had tied up with WordPress. Or even Blogger – I don’t care. So, here are my top five reasons why TypePad sucks:

1) Celebrity Bloggerdom. TypePad is for blogger celebrities. Period. If you’re not a blogebrity, you have no reason to be here. Unless and until your previous host offered to export your entire blog and you took up that offer without even reading up on your new host.

2) It feels too much like a restricted area, even when you’re living inside it. There is an exhaustive list of blogs and no way to search for the topics you might want to read up on apart from those few. And that exhaustive list is comprised of, you know it, blogebrities.

3) The free formats deserve to be abandoned in a forest. On a different continent. Far, far, faaaar away. If you want good formats, you need to get on TypePad Pro, for which you need to cough up anywhere from $9 to $30 per month. My Vox used to give me kickass formats and my blog looked a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Cost – $0.

4) Maybe this was just inherent to Vox, but there was an interactive platform in the shape of ‘Question of the Day’ and ‘Photo of the Day’. And the main page was also glorious for bloggers to interact on various topics. TypePad, I’m sorry, but Vox was just too good.

5) TypePad is to Vox what Batman and Robin is to The Dark Knight. ‘Nuff said.

A Temporary Break

Posted in Religion on November 18, 2010 by mmeeviloverlord

You wouldn't believe how sad I am right now. Really. Okay, I'm not really at my lowest point, but I'm sad. Some respect here please. A couple minutes' silence.

I just came from my last dance class for the next month-and-a-half.

I know that really doesn't seem all Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but maybe you'd understand if you knew me. I LOVE my dance class! There are so many elements about it that I love, that I'm going to miss.

I'm going to miss my instructors. They're the ones who keep us all going. Even when the world goes black owing to the amount of pressure you're putting on your 'core', they stand beside you and tell you to keep breathing, to not lose concentration, to keep smiling. They push you to your extreme and get the best out of you. There was a time when I couldn't do développés (pronounced de-ve-low-pays) without using my hands to support my legs, and now I don't need to do that at all. I've grown as a dancer thanks to my instructors and I'm going to miss them a lot!

I'm going to miss seeing those people twice a week – people I've been with since I started my classes, people whose names I don't remember even though we've been in the same class for three months, people who exchange smiles and feel comfortable with each other knowing they share that same passion for dancing. Maybe I won't really miss them much, but a little, yes, I will.

I'll miss doing those workouts, the chaînés (pronounced shay-nays), those horrible pirouettes – every single things. The pas, the routine – the whole frickin' class – I'm going to miss it!

Here's to you, dance class, I'm going to miss you so much :(