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A Baking Disaster

Posted in Food and Drink with tags , , on September 30, 2010 by mmeeviloverlord

Sep 30, 2010: I tried baking today. Now, I don’t cook on a normal basis, or at all to be frank. The max that I make are Maggi noodles and the occasional rock-hard cookies (which have turned up as evidence in murder cases). But thanks to Masterchef Australia and the absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g dishes everyone puts up, I decided to find the (extremely well) hidden cook inside me. And then I had this excellent vanilla and chocolate sponge cake that had me going yum! and I decided to make it my way.

I’m a disaster at baking.

The funny thing is that I didn’t even finish baking the cake fully. Everything was going well. Vanilla layer – done. Chocolate layer – done. Batter beautifully poured into the dish. Put into the microwave. Woohoo! But I judged one thing wrongly. The dish I used for baking the cake – I’d used that before for baking. Twice! But this third time, while I’m making everything from scratch, the dish decides to melt. I checked on the cake at about the 8 minute mark and thedish had melted from the sides!! It was a classic WTF moment..

Now, I’m going to bake the same thing again. Tomorrow. In a different dish. But I feel so sad. Why, O Cruel World, Why? :P


Goodbye Vox :(

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I haven't been an active blogger. Not at all. And I've kept my blog intensely private. Just one person I know knows that it exists. I don't know – I've long since forgotten the rationale behind my reluctance to let people know what I write about. Maybe I never felt the need because generally I tend to say what's in my mind. However, that doesn't really matter now. The one blog that I did keep for a really long time – much longer than the other blogs I've had, it's closing down. So, this post is dedicated to you, Vox. I'll miss you.