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Dilli to Mumbai (And Back :D)

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Of masala tea and midnight maggi.
Of Hippo chips and Tahini's coffee.
Of Corporate Law and Kala Coats.
Of the nights spent researching, making notes.
Of salpa adjust maadi on a bed for two.
Of uncertainty bombs creating a hullabaloo.
Of Ramaiya and Chandratre ka gyan.
Of 'Sorry Baani' to bhagwaan.
Of a room looking like an unkempt zoo.
Of Chattis Ka Aankda and I Love You.
Of Colaba Causeway and Hill Road.
Of carrying Ravi's shopping load.
Of haircuts at Mad-O-Wat.
Of Marine Drive's hidden spot.
Of Pardawala and Mafatlal.
Of skipping the judges' every jaal.
Of every buck on cabs well spent.
Of the mystery behind Sneha's accent.
Of guns, bullets, knives and shots.
Of getting appellant in the draw of lots.
Of Kala Ghoda and the colourful car.
Of using the Sealink to go samundar ke paar.
Of almost missing the Mumbai train.
Of wishing someone unimaginable pain.
Of pasta at Leopold and panipuri at Kailash.
Of plans to teach us how to play taash.
Of people thinking ki pada kin se paala.
Of Dilli Dhamaka and Mumbai Masala.