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Mumbai, 26/11

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I have never been as shocked as I have been this week. The only thing that existed for me was the TV, the only channels that mattered were the news channels. I was glued to it, just like a billion other people in India. The only place of consequence was Mumbai.

The whole attack was so well-planned, it was horrific. So many lives were lost, and for what? In their greed to destroy the symbol of economic well-being that is the Taj, the terrorists killed so many innocent people! I can't imagine that they would attack people who are just eating a meal (Tiffin@Trident), or that they would put the proverb, 'To kill two birds with one stone', literally into effect by taking over the Nariman House and killing the Rabbi. But the worst thing was that they didn't even spare the people at the hospitals, and indiscriminately started firing over there.

I read in the paper today that the one terrorist who was captured had only studied upto the 4th grade. Serious lack of education plus fanaticism is such a deadly combo. And he doesn't regret going ahead with this. I pray that he does.

In one year there have been so many blasts in so many cities. What is going on?? While our politicians holiday abroad, buy expensive jewels and insist on having a posse of bodyguards wherever they go, this incident shows that the Defence and the Police can handle our country much better, and the ordinary Indian usually subjected to so much backlash about being, well, an "Indian" (in quite a few contexts, an insult), has both a heart and a brain and can stop thinking about himself and serve and die for others when the situation demands it. I'm so proud to be an Indian today.


Vox Hunt: Stuck in the Middle

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Show us a book you started reading, but never finished.

There are two books I started reading but never got around to completing.

I have 'The Monk…' so I don't feel like I just have to read it. There's a lull period going on right now an I know I'll start reading it when I have to. But I'd borrowed 'Many Masters…' from the library and I didn't have time to complete the book before it got overdue, so I'm planning to borrow it once more one day and complete it.

DC and Quantum of Solace

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What exactly is it about the title that is most baffling? 

I finally saw the movie today. And I can scream from the rooftops now – Daniel Craig is awesome!!!! I loved Casino Royale – rarely has there been a movie with a card game that has kept me riveted for hours, but this movie blew my socks. And QoS was just like the cherry on the cake :D

I won't profess to be a huge Bond fan. I've rarely seen a full Bond movie. It's either the beginning, the middle part or the climax that I catch. In fact, the only complete Bond movie I have seen is Pierce Brosnan's 'The World Is Not Enough'. And I loved him in it. Neither can I comment on his suits 'n cars 'n gadgets ecept to say they're absolutely mind-blowing. But finally the Bond franchise has caught me with it's latest guy, the absolutely macho DC. He's awesome whether you admit it or not :D :D

As for the movie, I loved the stunts! All of them – especially the one which takes place on the roofs of Siera, Italy and the aerial stunt sequence at the end of it. If I had to pick my 'it' moment, it would be this whole sequence. Now I'm just eagerly waiting for the next Bond movie. Till then, sayonara!


The Goa Fest – A Review

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The Goa Fest was held at the Goa Sadan again this year from the 6th to the 8th of November. I was expecting a lot since it had been a smash hit the previous year, with good food and good music. What I got was an event that was a little poorly managed.

Last year I'd been able to have a full fried fish which was absolutely finger-licking good and at really reasonable prices too. And the dinner had been really awesome with loads of choices. This year, the prices were reasonable but the portions were not. Not at all. For 60 bucks I got a measly 2 inch piece of fried fish. I was not a happy person. I can understand that with the inflation it would've been stupid to expect a full fish, but 2 inches? Is it a joke?

I didn't try the chicken starter and the other fish appetizer was fish cutlet, which was as good as the fried fish and certainly somewhat more reasonably priced since you got two pieces in a plate. A little more than 2 inches each again *sigh*

Then we went for dinner. I had sorpotel. Very awesomely priced, a 100 bucks per plate, and incredibly delicious, I'd always wanted to try it. I sort of had an inkling what it contained but I didn't ask anyone cuz I knew that might repel me and get in the way. Now I know and I don't care. I'm hooked to that tangy dish! I also tried the king fish curry which was really good. Again I didn't try the chicken cuz I'd come for the fish and the fish only :D

Lastly it was dessert time, and here came the worst part of the experience. You have slips of papers for everything – snacks, drinks, dinner and dessert. But when I took this particular paper-slip, I had to really run around and ask loads of people where I could have dessert from. And the ultimate place turned out to be the first place which had told me there's no dessert. I was seething at the lady who told me that but didn't say anything because she was really harried. Delhiites sometimes simply have no patience nor are they polite and I pitied her. But after waiting for over 5 minutes when I finally got my dessert, it turned out to be a horribly undercooked sweet pulao. The rice was unchewable and the sugar hadn't dissolved properly. Horrid!

Overall, I'd give the festival 2 and 1/2 stars just for the sheer crazy-awesome music and the mindblowing sorpotel.

Mussoorie Dreams :)

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Finally my friends’ CA n CAT papers are going to be over and done with and we’re all gonna pack our bags and go to Mussoorie!!! :D

I’m just soooooooooo happy, especially cuz we had loads of problems (and still do), but we are going – that’s for sure. It’s going to be our last trip out of Delhi till we graduate and you never know whether we would be able to go on another such trip ever. It makes me so weepy :'(

I’ll be missing an interview for this trip, but frankly I don’t give a damn. I don’t want to work directly after college so no point of the interview. Plus it’s for the company I did my internship with, and the job profile doesn’t interest me.

Off to Mussoorie during the winters :D

BTW ever heard of TP earrings? Aren’t these simply hilarious (and cute to boot)?