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Placements Season

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It's the time in my college when companies come to recruit almost-grads. It's a tough time mainly cuz there are so many from Lehman, etc. who have more experience than us, but we're pulling through. I feel lucky because I want to do law and not get into the corporate sector (not now anyways.

But I still gave my name for placements. Earlier it was a back-up, but that plan's been scrapped altogether. Now I'm just doing it for the experience. It interests me how different companies judge the people they recruit and it gives me an idea of what they want that I don't have and what more skills I can incorporate. Till now I just applied for 3 companies. One of them gave a CAT  (Common Admission Test for MBA) Mock Test Paper from an institute, one that was held just the previous Sunday. Everyone who had been preparing for it benefited, but the whole approach seemed like such a loser-ish one. Who the hell judges a person on the basis of a CAT mock paper?? There are people who have a year or two's coaching who are absolutely going to have the upper edge. I thought it was totally the craziest thing to do.

Another company wanted someone who could do pure number-crunching. I wanted creativity. Our thoughts didn't match. Buh-bye baby!

The third one was what pissed me off. For the first two companies I at least knew what the problem was. For the third one, after managing to get through for all the three posts they were offering and deciding that I wasn't interested in one of them at all and I was the wrong person for the second one, I gave the last one a try. My interview went off well – better than how the other people's, and I didn't get selected. The fact is, even if I did, I would have turned it down. But now I don't even know where I went wrong! As far as I know, the fact that I told the guy I wanted to do law, and I later got a call asking me whether I was planning to give it 2009 or 2010 and I replied in affirmative to '09 might have done the thing, but I don't know!! And that pisses me off badly!

Only if I were clear on whether that was the only thing that didn't clinch the deal. Otherwise I don't even care :D


Obsessed With Beading

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I've recently developed a new addiction – beading! I started with making jewellery from stones and mid-sized beads, but my first love was of the seed variety. And boy do I lurve eet.

I began by searching for various kinds of stiches on the net – I still know the name of only one of them, that's the peyote, or the even-count peyote and tubular peyote. And I invent certain stitches that I call 'Unknowns' or 'My needle went in that direction and the thread followed' or I just keep examples of such pieces and call them my pilots.

Apart from beading, I'm preparing for my law entrances. I'm so confused about what career path I should take – I want to try out so many things that I guess I'd need at least 300 years to be relatively proficient in all of them :S

Not eactly in the mood to write a lot – not that I've done that over here lately.

Oh, another new discovery – I an sketch! :D