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It’s Placements Season!

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It's the time when you realize that you're time in the college is almost over and that you've either to decide whether you want to study ahead, do some post-grad or start working. And the companies have started coming. Today I went for my first presentation. It was by the fourth company that's come to our college. They're giving a great package so I was expecting that they themselves must be up to scratch. Too bad. My expectations were shattered, mauled and thrown to wild hogs. They didn't know how to give a presentation!! They were bad – horribly bad. And the job didn't live up to it's description at all!! I just suppoe someone accessed a dictionary and used some real flowery language. Even an idiot can do that. I was just so disappointed. We'd even had to cut our lunch short because of it, and now it seems like such a waste..

BTW I was also busy working on a holder. Which holder, I dunno. But it sure can hold quite a lot of stuff. Here are the photos >>>>>


It's red. It's gaudy :P. I love it!! I actually made it by putting two instant cappuccino packages on top of each other and adding a plastic Happydent package to the side.

I've also been making jewellery. Just simple stuff for now, but it's become a proper hobby. It's so much fun designing, creating and then flaunting your own creations :D. I'll take their pics and put em up next time. In case I don't have anything to feel angsty about :P



On the way to Grandma’s

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