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Every Breath You Take

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Now I'm ripping off one of the awesomest tracks. Thank you, Police, for writing such an amazing song.

It's asthma season darlings! The wonderful time when I curse myself whenever I forget taking my inhaler with me, shriek the moment the tiniest dust particle/pollen molecule says "boo" to me and when I stop playing sports vigorously mainly because I don't want to faint from lack of breath.

I highly dislike it.

A couple of days ago I didn't play badminton at all just coz I could feel an attack coming on. And after the game a couple of my highly knowledgeable friends told me it was just in my mind. Just in my mind?? Like, I'm not having a panic attack or something buddy, that it's all in my mind. Another one told me not to think about it. Yes, that would be easy if it didn't concern the fact that I was finding it difficult to breathe

I dunno why but that really bugged me. I don't need their concern but I would appreciate if I weren't just dismissed like that. And it wasn't me who went up to them begging for attention – they asked themselves. And I just told them I was finding it difficult to breathe. One guy actually said it was because I didn't get to play. Dood, I didn't play because I found it difficult to breathe. I just wanted to call them numbskulls because that's how they were that day. Asthma's not such a big deal but it's not a 'play of my mind' either.

I actually felt bad. Is this what some of my friends think of me?


Something Missing?

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Oh yes! ME!!

Now that my hols are going to get over, I feel weird about not writing a single entry over the past two months. Why? Because …… *fanfare* ….. *drumroll* …… I was working!

I've never worked before. I've been wanting to since I was in 9th grade but I was never able to do it. But this year I went ahead and filed for an internship with Google – and got through!!

The whole process happened over Feb-March, luckily before my exams otherwise I would've never been able to concentrate. And it was amazing. Barely three days after my last exam I had to start working. And there was never a bring moment. There were 19 more interns and we were total junglees (jungle-men, crazy, primitive cavepeople-like). I didn't actually realize that the hols were over till someone said that college is going to reopen next week. Where the hell did two months go??

I <3 Google and I <3 being Googly :P