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Zay Examza!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on May 15, 2008 by mmeeviloverlord

Zay go on and on and on!

They started on the 15th of april. Today is what – the 15th of may, and they still seem nowhere close to ending. Okay, there are just two more exams left, but the word 'just' doesn't justify the whole situation when you realize that you've given seven papers! Nine subjects in total… Like, whoever set the course, I just wanna ask them, "Were you like, completely out of your mind when you set the course??" Nine subjects are horrid, especially when they're spread over a time span of one-and-a-half months!! Pure, pure insanity, my lovelies…

Today was my e-commerce paper. And it was so vague, I needn't have studied anything. Four years in commerce and you'd be well-equipped to handle such a paper with ease. I came out in an hour… I'd have come out earlier but the girl sitting in front of me suddenly required an additional sheet, and I had to take 10 minutes off to recover from my shock. And to take in the fact that everyone around me was giggling. Which was also the situation when we got the paper. Everyone was so whacked out when they realized the paper was ultra-vague, the invigilator had to prompt us after five minutes to start writing :P

Now my brain's completely fried. I can't take in another word of text and I'm phobic to textbooks. It sure is a party out here :D

The last destination on this tour of insanity has arrived! Lah-dee-dah!