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A long time ago, in a faraway land…

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…a voxer called hocuspocus88 had her exams. Now these weren't just any exams. They were her college's 2nd year in internals. Now, these exams were held to be in high esteem by everyone in her college, not because they affected their lives profoundly but due to the fact that she studied in a nerd-palace. Now this palace, as you might've already gathered, was stuffed to the brim with nerds. But since this story has to have a twist to it, we'll put hocus as the black sheep. She was different – she didn't care about how many marks she got! People were awestruck – the guts of that girl! She'll have to be overthrown. Now, since that is still in progress, I'll leave with a cliffie. What happens next?

Okay, my exams were alright. Some were frankly terrible (a couple of subjects I'd so totally studied for completely let me down – I didn't know a word!). But I actually don't give a damn. They don't have a significant effect on my final score and conceptual clarity is what I actually look out for. Which is zero in some cases *sigh*

Apart from the exams, we had our college's fest in December, just before Christmas hols. It was amazing 'cuz this year I participated in the choreography competition, which is basically about integrating dance with drama. I joined in at the last minute, just a week before the competition, because a girl sprained her ankle. It's amazing 'cuz it was my desire to take part in a dance for atleast one more time (thanks to HSM2 :D). Aye lurved eet!! The rest of the fest was also amazing. I'd organized the Scavenger Hunt again this year and went completely bonkers trying to control the overexcited crowd. I even threatened to disqualify anyone who asked me for my cheetah print stole again. Grrr.  This time we also adopted one of the hostel's puppy as our society's, and named him Doughnut. Though the fest was rocking during the day, the nights were a damp squib. Our sucky Union couldn't find a single good enough performer/DJ on the 2nd and 3rd nights, and the handling was pretty shabby. Chants of 'Union Sucks!' vibrated throughout the college.

This month's the last for submitting articles for the society's magazine. I'll be one of the editors again and I'll be handling my very own section!

It also happened to be Nirbhik's birthday on the 13th of Jan. We sent him a huge card with loads of stuff written inside (and around :D), and he treated us to amazing food at the Andhra Bhawan. This Feb. it's Mahul's birthday on the 1st and Eshan's on the 13th. WooHoo!! I *heart* birthdays!