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Lessons in a Metro Station

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"Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." – Murphy's Law


Today was one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong. There was an earthquake in the morning, I had a huge fight with my mom, and I supposedly had a test later that day that I hadn't studied for! Above all, I was going to be late for college! I stormed out of the house in a dark mood, muttering to myself. Checking my phone's clock, I realized I was going to be cutting it fine if the metro came it's usual 2 minutes early. I picked up pace, almost running – up the stairs like wind! When the security police checking my bag took a tad bit more time than usual, I almost screamed! I still had to enter through the gates and run up another flight of stairs, and the train had already entered the station. Everything seemed to be in slow motion afterwards – like I was in a movie – culminating in me stopping just a couple of feet away from the door when it banged shut.

I couldn't believe it – after running a marathon fit for the Olympics, the doors had enough cheek to bang shut on me?! My vocabulary knew no bounds as I let out a string of obscenities. I was going to be late. Maybe the professor wouldn't let me enter the class. I'd fail! I almost cried – I could actually feel tears stinging my eyes. The whole universe was conspiring against me! Then I, someone who believes everything happens for a reason, I did something I thought I'd never do – I cursed God.

I got really angry and I told Him I hated Him. I regretted my words the moment I uttered them. I couldn't believe I'd really said that! My words got me thinking – what was I really angry about? I had no idea. I'd just missed a stupid train, and I ended up blaming it all on the two beings I love most, my mom being the other. It was Just. A. Stupid. Train. There would be another one, and one after that. I could catch any one of them and go to college. When I ultimately did catch the next train, which came 10 minutes later, I realized I was just on time for class, and we never had that test. I'd no reason to be miserable!

I learned my lesson today. I'll tweak the old adage 'When one door closes, another one opens' to suit what I want to say. When one train leaves, another one comes. The beauty lies in accepting the fact that you've missed the train. Just because it has happened doesn't mean you're going to be left behind. There's always going to be another one to take you ahead, in your own time, at your own pace. Maybe I'm referring to the rat-race. Everyone's moving so fast, I've a fear of being left behind. Or I had, to be more precise. Now I know I have my own pace. I might not be intelligent enough, or I might not have the drive to go the conventional way, but I know, I know there's a train specially waiting to take me to my designated place, at a pace I feel comfortable with. What the world feels doesn't matter anymore. I want to just sit back and enjoy the ride.


How does it feel when…

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…you've finally done something you wanted to do since the past three years? I finally went white-water rafting! This weekend! To Rishikesh! With my society and gang! I loved it! There are far too many exclamation marks over here! Again!

We started off for it on Friday (16/11/07). We went to college first, waited for the bus to come till 12:30 a.m. (17/11/07), troubled Nirbheek throughout the journey (he had the misfortune to sit beside me), discovered the last seats were EXTREMELY shaky, and reached Rishikesh at 7:30 in the morning with a sore forehead (the result of falling on some sharp window part), crumpled dress and a jinxed countenance. The camp was absolutely 5 star and the scenery was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. We were camping out on the riverbank itself, and the view was simply mind-blowing. We were flanked by mountains on two sides and the river was flowing between them. There was even a rapid near the camp (which was why we weren't really allowed to go splashing about in the water). We ended up playing volleyball on the beach and rafting later on. We actually floated in the rapids. In. The. Rapids. It was exhilarating!! Our instructor was totally awesome, and my entire gang was in the raft with me. We ended the day with an artificial wall-climbing session (it's tougher than actual rock climbing, especially the overhang *whew*) and a bonfire. Then, the next day we had a rappelling and a burma-bridge session, followed by another bout of rafting through the tougher rapids. 'Golf Course' was the most amazing! Even though our instructor told us not to, we ended up 'whee-ing' so loudly, you could hear us from 5 miles away! Afterwards we parked at the base of this 20 foot high cliff, climbed it and jumped off! I'm shit scared of heights, but I did it! Cowabunga!

Was it an amazing trip? Definitely so. And the presence of my gang (well, almost. Rahul and Nitika couldn't come along :_( ) really made my day. I loved it! Whoopee! Bring on the Ganges!