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Dear (Insert Name Here)

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Isn't it funny the way people lead their lives without being appreciative of what they've been given? I can be one of those people at times, so here's a special blog entry for all those people I love beyond all barriers……

Dear Mom,
It's only fitting that I put you at no. 1. I know there's tension between us regarding some topics, but who doesn't? We might fight like crazed cats at times, but I know you love me a lot and I love you too. You've taught me to be patient and to listen to people. You've taught me to be unashamed of what I really am, to never hide from the fact that I'm crazy enough to be sent to the loony bin. You supported me through those four years I was gutless and helpless to go against my jealous, domineering so-called best friend. You showed me that I could be independent regardless of what others thought. You've had enough faith in me to think I can do anything I want to. I love you.

Dear Dad,
You are the person who motivates me to pursue anything I fancy. You think I can do anything and give me your full support. But I miss you. You're so busy, you have very less time for me. I only wish we could spend more time together. And I wish you'd control your temper. I'm not always wrong. But still, I love you.

Dear Pearl & Opal,
You're the craziest cats anyone could ever possibly have! You're amazing and I love you more than I'd have loved my own siblings. Come to think of it, I do treat you like you're my little brothers. I love you coconuts.

Dear Isha,
You were, are, and will always remain my first best friend. I still remember meeting you at the age of three or so, sometime after our dads' trip to Hungary. Afterwards, we joined school, became fast friends and stayed that way. You're still the only person I can totally bare my heart to, and you're the only girl I can ever think of as a sister. I love you.

Dear Meghu Man,
You taught me how to open up. You helped me discover myself. And you started the wild roller-coaster ride I call life. You're a nut, and I love you.

Dear Gang,
You're the craziest, weirdest, most lovable bunch of people ever. Though I'd known Nirbhik, Mahul and Eshan in first year of college also, I'd come to know you well in second year. And Aakriti, Rahul and Nitika are the most amazing friends also. I've barely known you guys for three months, but it seems forever. I don't hesitate talking about anything to you guys because you make me feel so comfortable. All those trips to bowling alleys, food joints, god-knows-what-else, we've done so many things together in such a short period of time. And clicked as many photographs too. I can be as quirky as it gets, and you'd still love me. You accept me the way I am, with all my flaws and extremely vivid imagination without any complaints …. okay, maybe a few :P … I simply love you guys. Cheers!

These aren't the only people I'd like to thank. There are many others who've made a difference in my life. I appreciate all of them, for everything they've done, whether good or bad. There was a lesson to be learnt from them all. Thank you all.


Random Things (Make My Heart Sing)

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* I would like to go on to the advanced level of salsa and also learn other forms of ballroom dances.
* I would like to learn pottery.
* I would like to learn how to make Mexican and Italian food.
* I would like to dress my cats in a frilly pink boa dress :P
* I would love to learn how to play the drums.
* I would like to learn Japanese, German and French.
* I would like to do the moonwalk ON the moon.
* I would like to bring Pluto back as a planet (Yeyyii Pluto!!)
* I would like to write a book.
* I would like to get rid of my fear of the deep. Backstrokes do get tiring after some time.
* I would love to open a sanctuary.
* I would like to design my own dresses. I've already got some designs I'd love to try.
* I would also like to conduct a fashion show of my designs.
* I would like to own the largest collection of shoes in the word :D
* I would like to open my own restauran.
* I would like to learn how to ride a bike.
* I would like to ride a Bullet.
* I would like to take part in 'The Amazing Race' :D
* I would like make a short film starring my six close friends and me.
* I would like to jam Himesssss' nose.

# I love hugging my cats when they're going off to sleep. I love it when they breathe down my neck. I love it when they snore.
# I love watching the potter puppet pals. I love Dumbledore's 'nakie time'. I love 'The Mysterious Ticking Noise'. I love the cornucopia of love scene. In short, I love it all :)
# I love taking photographs of every random thing that happens in our group.
# I love it when my dance instructor says, "And smile.." to curb my nervousness whenever we're dancing together.
# I love hugging my mom and having her hug me back. Jhappis (hugs) really are magical.
# i love flopping down on my beanbag, knowing it could smash anytime.

^v I hate it when the electricity goes (which is precisely what has happened here)

                                                                              To Be Continued…

QotD: Work It On Out

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Do you have a regular workout routine?  What's your favorite form of exercise?

I don't really exercise per say. I stopped going to gyms around a year ago, and the last time I did go there, it was around a couple of months ago just to see how the gym at the new club was like. But I like treadmills (the automated ones. The one at this gym was manual. Frightfully difficult to operate). But my favourite form of exercise is dance. I can dance like a maniac and in any manner – solo, group or ballroom. Inhibitions aren't a part of me, so I dance the way I want to. Fortunately people think I dance well, otherwise I'd have been in an asylum by now. I was learning salsa, but I've taken a temporary break till my instructor returns from London. Then I'll have a blast. Till then it's me, myself and my i-pod.

Teenage Teething

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A marvellous headache woke me up this morning. 5:30 a.m. to be precise. On a holiday.

Okay, that's not really relevant over here..

The headache! It was superb. Fantastic. Tremendous. The second most painful headache I've ever had (not really difficult to keep track of since I can count all the times I've had a headache on the fingers of one hand). Weirdly enough, the pain wasn't restricted to just my head (the top part at least). It went along my jaw line. Now, I've always doubted where my brain is.. Then I realized I was teething! Four shiny wisdom teeth trying their best to break out from the back of my mouth. I immediately thought of surgery to get them removed. Ever since I got four teeth removed for my braces, I've felt it nice to have an uncluttered mouth with 24 teeth. But I thought better of it – no more operations this year if I can help it. Plus maybe by the time they come out fully, someone would've opened a 'Tattoo Your Teeth' in India. Right now, I've got to prepare myself for all the wisecracks about them.

"You're finally getting wiser. Who would've thought that possible?!" – A Nameless-Faceless Being (till now)