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QotD: Banned From the Karaoke List

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What song do you wish would never show up on a karaoke list?

It's not a song. It's an artist I would ban. Mr. Himesh Reshammiya. The guy sings through his nose, and I really dislike such songs. And people have a tendency to sing in the same nasally voice later on. It gives me a headache. Makes me want to tear down the drapes and fling myself out of the window. Since this isn't really healthy, I tend to avoid the guy when he sings. Though he's actually a pretty good music director, he repeats his songs. So, it's like if you've heard one, you've heard 'em all. Highly repetative and nasal – exactly the kind I would ban from any kind of list.


T’was a long time ago…

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…that a vox user called hocuspocus88 decided change was in order. And not just about any nilly-willy change. No. It would be huge. Of magnificent proportions. She decided to have her birthday!

Lol! I know, birthday's aren't terribly huge changes. The day comes, you're one year older, but nothing happens. You don't feel older. You're the same person you were a day ago. Floosh…

But there lies the whole matter. You're one year older. You had a whole year to live, to experience, to love, to cherish whatever you wanted to cherish. August 23rd. I turned 19. I still can't believe I'm 19 (and neither can other people, but later about that). I still feel the way I used to when I was 18. Or maybe 17. Somewhere I'm still the way I was at 2. But I've had some experiences that surely place me at my right position – 19. I've raised two cats, one of who's a total hoodlum. I got through the country's best college, proving my brain did work to everybody who thought I was an airhead. I got through an operation which, had it been delayed by maybe an hour or so, would've resulted with me in a grave. Or maybe at a crematorium. I hadn't even prepared my will :P. I realized I'm strong and I can get through obstacles lying in my way. I even threw my first tantrum. Milestones and milestones, all along. Who knew that being 18 would be so eventful? :P

So, what did I do on my 19th? I'd already treated my friends at a restaurant a couple of days ago, so I cut the hugest chocolate truffle cake in the presence of my parents' friends (the ones I'd known ever since I was a small baby) and went out for dinner to this excellent Chinese & Japanese standalone later on. Food is good & I write stuff 5 year olds would also avoid.

Before my b'day, I also got my results. My first year results, a month after it was supposed to have come out. Aaaaaaand…..I passed! With a first class! 74%, when I was expecting to fail in one subject (at least). Proves my subconscious is something scientists should study. Attending classes and paying attention really did work! Just like it used to in school *smug grin*. Lol … I'm not really modest, am I? :D

Yesterday, me 'n my gang decided that we'd had too much of studying in the second year already. So we decided to go for bowling. And pool. And video games. And lunch (we can never ever stay away from food, can we?). Six whacky people – one bowling/pool/video games alley. Destruction. Annihilation. Blast-Ended Skrewts!
The bottom-line was we ended having fun. A lot of fun. Suddenly my bowling skills (which, just till a year ago, were on the 'really good' side) were appaling. Gutter-balls, gutter-balls and more gutter-balls. I almost cried when, after five rounds, my score was stuck on 17. Then the magic returned (sort of) and I managed to increase my score (somehow) to 46. Appalling! Obviously I need more practice. And less heavier bowling balls *argh*. One of my friends clicked a couple of photos of me that were simply…disturbing. I looked as if I was trying to do the rumba and the rain-dance at the same time. And then we headed towards Ansal Plaza for a bite. We ended up having a fight instead. Nobody could decide where to go, and I wasn't really helping since I could eat anywhere. We had to roam around for half an hour before I started fearing for the sanity of my stomach and dragged them towards the nearest eating joint, which turned out to be…McDonalds! Luckily four out of five people had voted for it. I wish I was standing near Pizza Hut.

Speaking of Pizza Hut, there's a World Food Festival going on over there. I went over there with my parents just a few days ago, and the 'food festival' wasn't really exciting. I thought it would mean we'd get a chance to sample tortillas, quesilladas,  hummus, falafel and other dishes. It turned out to have…pizzas! Pizzas, pizzas and more pizzas!! I should've realized – Pizza Hut is meant for making pizzas, specializes in pizzas and, if you asked for a thermometer, would hand you a pizza. *sigh* I trust too much. I'd been looking forward to having everything I'd mentioned, since my parents like to experiment with their food and my friends don't (their idea of experimenting is going for tandoori chicken and seekh kebab instead of butter chicken and chicken tikkas). A Moroccan restaurant's opened in the market near my college, but nobody wants to go there. Help me, O Great Lord, and send me somebody who thinks food isn't restricted to Indian non-veg and Chinjabi (Chinese-Punjabi) noodles!

Yes. It's food, food and food all along.