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QotD: Book Recommendations

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Where do you get recommendations for new books to read?

I keep my eyes and ears open. I read book reviews, ask book store owners and librarians, and get tips from people in general. Usually they recommend what they like, but they wouldn't do so unless they have a tiny hint that you might like that genre. This summer, I had an operation, and a lady who discovered I loved books recommended quite a few to me that she'd read. Another lady I'd once met when I was in 6th grade or so worked with Scholastic and told me to read the back cover of the books to decide on what I wanted to read (I know that doesn't qualify for a direct recommendation, but I'm really thankful to her. Before that I used to buy books based on their cover itself. The more colourful, the better). My cousin brother, who's into fantasy; my uncles, who are into action and thrillers; my parents, who are pretty much into each and every genre as I am – we all exchange book ideas and comparisons (and books too. Pity we all live so far away from each other).


When everything goes your way…

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It’s amazing how much of a transformation can occur when you start communicating with somebody. My mom finally decided to bridge the gap between us. She said it out loud herself that we hadn’t spent much time together lately. What did I do? Guess. Did I –
1. Become speechless?
2. Agree with her wholeheartedly?
3. Get a case of the mad-cow disease?
4. Both 1 and 2. You’re already no.3 :P

And the answer iiiiiiis – 4!

I was seriously surprised! And happy. I’d been missing our jaunts, where we’d go out and buy all kinds of junk and eat whatever we wanted to eat. I might do this pretty often with friends, but it’s awesome with mom too. So, mom called for the car, we went out to hunt for a new cellphone for me (I left my old cellphone in my jeans, it got washed and everything’s history). I decided on the Motorazr V3i, which was my second choice earlier, since the rest of the good ones are music players, and I don’t need them since I carry my i-pod wherever I go. Afterwards we roamed about a lot. We went inside a store looking for a card for mom to buy for dad. I picked out this really cute one, and while at the checkout counter, started browsing the multitude of glossy, glittery junk jewellery. I ended up buying three pairs of them – one of them being these cute steel mickey mouse earrings. I love ’em!

I really liked spending time with her. And I still see her as one of my best, most closest friends. Ever.

QotD: Kitchen Essentials

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What are the 10 foods you must have in your refrigerator and/or your kitchen cabinet? 
Submitted by Carol.  

-> Muesli (with nuts rather than fruits).

-> A brick of dark chocolate.

-> Juice (anything but pineapple and litchi).

-> A bag of Lay's potato chips.

-> Ice-cream (mostly vanilla or chocolate or chocolate chip)

-> Hershey's chocolate sauce.

-> Sausages and kebabs.

-> Coffee.

-> Milk (for ze cats :P).

-> After-mints.