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QotD: Best Wizard, Hands Down

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Who is your favorite wizard of all time?

After reading Deathly Hallows, it's pretty hard to pinpoint one favourite wizard. I'd have to go with the following —–


1). Dumbledore – The wizard who has a dark side to him nobody knows, and a part that he repents. Mysterious (actually, how much do we know about him?) and lovable – the only wizard Voldie-dudders is scared of.

2). Voldie-dudders himself – You have to give credit to the most evil guy in the universe for being himself. Shows the extreme point of hatred and indifference. Most favourite  evil wizard of all time.

3). Fred & George – The Twins are the wizards with the best sense of humour. I'll miss you, Fred. I'll miss you like hell.

4). Harry Potter – Again, you've got to give credit to the guy who had the guts to go face Voldemort, face the fact that he would die (even though you know what happens). He's lost everybody he's close to, still he lives with a passion.

5). Snape – I had an inkling about his true self, but the reality indeed did knock my socks off. Snape-haters realise the truth behind the loathing. Harry himself feels…differently after that point. I love this guy…


Vox Hunt: In Concert

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Show us some photos and/or videos you took at a concert.
Submitted by TheFiercestCalm.

Here’s one photo I took at my college’s annual festival >>>>>

The band playing is Prithvi, and has my friends as it’s drummer and guitarist.

Ze Seempsoooons!!!

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I lurve ze Simpsons. I’ve been watching this show since I was barely five or six years old. Nowadays half the people I know don’t know who the Simpsons are (that’s what happens when you go to a highly nerdy college, and happen to be one of the less than 20 exceptions). When they hear it’s a cartoon, they immediately associate it with something like the Loony Tunes, and say, “How kiddish!”. Ditto with Harry Potter. I just know one more Pottermaniac. Good she happens to be my senior. Both of us are currently planning to buy Deathly Hallows at 7 a.m. because no shop in India would open at 12 midnight. If the one we’re going to does open at 12, woohoo!! Bring on the party hats and chocolate cake!! Partay till 11:45 p.m., then drive down to the bookstore, buy DH, switch off the cell, skip college (planning that anyway), keep a couple of litres of water on hand along with stuff to eat, shut the door and READ!

I’m Bart! Awesome!

I'm just like Bart!
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QotD: The Deathly Hallows

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Did you see the Harry Potter movie this weekend?  Are you going to read the new book?

I saw the fifth movie on Saturday. Exhilarating and disappointing. The movie's great in itself, but because it hasn't adhered to the book, and rather large parts of it have been snipped off. Three-fourth of the book forms part of the first half and really confuddles you. The second half is worth watching, especially the second-last encounter between Harry and Voldemort (the last being in Deathly Hallows).

The Last Book? Obviously I'm going to read the last book. I'll be buying it early in the morning and cutting off contact with people, magical or muggle, to read it over the weekend. I want the book to come, but I want it to get delayed too. Imagine life without any Potter books to look forward too. The anxiety, the excitement – only a Potterhead would know the impact it's had on our lives.

Book 7 (obviously)

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Okay, J.K.Rowling says Deathly Hallows has a grisly ending. Which characters do you think are going to face the Avada Kedavra? There are also loads of other questions. Will Sirius ever come back? Where has Fawkes gone off to? Will Hogwarts make an appearance, i.e., will Harry go back? Who is R.A.B? Will Luna ever find a crumple-horned snorkack? Will Harry and Voldemort actually do ballet?

Any theories, intelligent or otherwise :D, are welcome. Any theories finding their way over here after July 21 will be traced back to their writers, who will then be crucioed around the block, TWICE, by yours truly.